Do I need a Detox Plan?

by Shopify API on Jan 27, 2023

Many times we have considered starting a Detox Plan although we have also wondered if it is really appropriate or beneficial for us.

Is it really right for me to do a Detox Plan? The reasons for wanting to start it are several: not feeling comfortable with our diet, our weight, having a digestive problem or simply constantly hearing the benefits of this type of diet for our body. The first thing is to know that our body already has systems perfectly capable of eliminating the waste it generates daily. In a healthy person, the liver, digestive system, lymphatic system, kidneys, skin and lungs work together to control the toxins , alcohol, medications, etc... with which we come into contact. However, continued exposure to these types of products, in addition to any medical problem that we may suffer, can cause these systems to become overloaded and cannot correctly eliminate all of these substances. In other words, toxins can accumulate to unhealthy levels and it is in this case when we can benefit from some external support, such as a detox plan, periodically. In short, a detox plan from time to time can be beneficial to help and free our body, that is, it may be suitable for me. The final objective of a detox plan should be the starting point to make changes in our habits: eliminate or reduce certain foods that may be harmful, start a new diet or include a physical exercise plan in our daily lives. Never get carried away by what diets promise, but think about how we can help our body.

And when is the best time to do it?

Well, it will depend on our lifestyle, habits, and how we feel at all times. Some guidelines to keep in mind are: - After times of excess: such as Christmas, upon returning from vacation. - At the beginning of a weight loss diet: preparing our body for the diet. - During the change of seasons: To ensure that we carry out this detox plan about 3 or 4 times a year Do you dare with a Detox Plan?