What do aesthetic medicine doctors and dermatologists think of our range?

"I have incorporated Unik Antiaging Beauty into the beauty routines with my patients and myself, because it includes a patented hydrolyzed collagen (Verisol) , with an adequate molecular weight to optimize its absorption and with 5 clinical studies that demonstrate its effectiveness on skin, hair and nails.

It has been shown to increase up to 65% of collagen in the skin, reflecting an improvement in dermal quality, texture, luminosity, firmness and prevention of wrinkles and sagging . In addition, its formula is very complete , with antioxidants ( acai, pomegranate, vitamin C ) and hyaluronic acid and biotin, which enhances the effect of collagen and excellent results are achieved. " IG: dra.kim_


Tufet Clinic

"I like to recommend Unik Antiaging Beauty to my patients because I know they will notice the results . I prescribe it after doing any treatment in the clinic to enhance the effect achieved .

I recommend that you take it for 3 months in a row so that there is really an improvement in the collagen structure and you can see it in the improvement of the appearance of the skin . I know that I am giving quality collagen (Verisol) and I also complement it with hyaluronic acid and antioxidants, essential to fight against the effect of free radicals that cause aging." IG: dr.martinh


Planas Clinic

"At Instituto Dra Natalia Rib茅 we use and recommend Unik Health products to our patients due to their high quality.

They are a perfect complement to the treatments we perform in the clinic . This is the case of the UNIK ANTIAGING BEAUTY product , a collagen with antioxidants that includes collagen with the patented VERISOL brand, thus we are providing a collagen with clinical studies that has proven to be effective on skin and hair. In addition, the formula contains hyaluronic acid and antioxidants to enhance its effect .

Another of their products, UNIK DETOX+SLIM, we recommend whenever our patients want to undergo a detoxification and fluid elimination treatment." IG: dranataliaribebymodelclinics


Institut Dra. Natalia Rib茅


"When a patient comes to learn about rejuvenation or to start taking care of themselves, I always recommend comprehensive treatments that help enhance rejuvenation from the inside out and this is where Unik Antiaging Beauty with Verisol Collagen and antioxidants has become that great ally that generates Collagen of higher quality and enhances that antioxidant action that so benefits the duration of the treatments and well-being.

Without a doubt, a success that I will continue to recommend every day and that I will continue to use on a personal level !" IG: drairenecruzbobadilla


Benedict Institute


" Collagen is essential in the pre- and postoperative period to help wound healing and to facilitate a good aesthetic result of the scar.

That's why I recommend taking it for at least 3 months continuously . In my case, I recommend Unik Antiaging because it includes a high-quality collagen and with clinical studies that have demonstrated effectiveness in the endogenous production of dermal collagen , acting on the extracellular matrix, so the results are noticeable in better skin quality. ". IG: clinicadabos


Dabos Clinic


"My patients know the trust I have long had in UNIK EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING .

It is a natural food supplement in which ingredients such as saffron or ashwagandha stand out , which have a studied and proven effect as mood regulators .

I always recommend it to patients who are going through a stage of stress , facing situations of change, feeling anxious or who feel lacking energy.

This product helps them, in a natural way , to regain emotional balance and thus feel much better ." IG: dra.xenia


Tufet Clinic

"I always recommend UNIK HEALTH supplements to my patients, because it is a trusted brand . I know that their formulas work with natural ingredients, with therapeutic doses and with clinical studies "

But the most important thing is that my patients notice the results and they have become ideal and complementary supplements to the treatments I perform in the clinic " IG: dr.alexanderlembert


EIMEC Aesthetic & Wellness Clinic

"At Etern Wellness Clinic we treat beauty and health in a comprehensive way . For this reason, we have incorporated the Unik Health range with nutricosmetics and food supplements that help us improve health and enhance beauty from within.

"They are high quality products , with scientific studies that demonstrate their effectiveness and that is why they are part of our antiaging, detox and well-being protocols."
IG: eternal_wellnessclinic


ETERN Wellness Clinic