“How you feel and how you look starts within you.”


Unik Health was born in 2018 with the purpose of making you feel good about yourself in body and mind... young, relaxed, beautiful, healthy, radiant, with energy... Because there is no better feeling than feeling good! Unik helps you look and feel better.

To achieve this, we offer you a range of natural, innovative food supplements with unique formulas designed by and for us.

Yes, yes, for us! Because we are our main clients. Our supplements are created with the needs of women 40 and beyond in mind!... to feel healthier, more beautiful and happier.


But our story within the world of health, beauty and well-being does not begin in 2018, it begins much earlier.
We tell you a little more about the path we have traveled…

We have been working for more than 20 years in a sector that we are passionate about, the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sector. We have traveled the world to learn about the most innovative and effective ingredients and have developed products for leading brands on the market.

This trajectory, added to the desire to be able to have the best solutions, with the best formulas, the best ingredients, the quality we were looking for, has made us develop the perfect range for all of us.

“We design the best formulas for women, thinking about key moments such as menopause, a stage in their life cycle in which they have special needs and we want to help them feel and look better with our range of food supplements”


We have the best team to develop our formulas.

The entire Unik team (nutritionists, pharmacists, biologists) is constantly searching for scientific advances and new molecules of natural origin to be incorporated into our formulas.

We search the world for the most effective ingredients, with scientific backing, and we dose them optimally so that they are truly effective.
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