Technology, a new source of stress

by Shopify API on Jan 27, 2023

Do you feel stressed? You are not the only one. Statistics say that 42% of Spaniards frequently suffer from stress (1). The most common symptoms caused by stress are irritability, anxiety and insomnia. And there are many causes that cause it. The main ones, according to the same study, are fatigue, lack of sleep, work problems, emotional problems and everything related to our health. But there is also a new source of stress to take into account and it is caused by the use, and in some cases abuse, of new technologies, that is, by the use we make, among others, of mobile phones, email and social networks. 28% of Spaniards already think that new technologies cause or increase the stress they suffer. This percentage increases to 31% in the case of young people (members of Generation X or Millennials).

Causes that cause stress:

It is not strange that they cause us stress considering what they imply: - Be connected 24 hours a day: New technologies allow us and almost force us to always be available. The boundary between the beginning and the end of working hours is blurred and this will inevitably influence our personal lives. - Continuous interruptions: The constant distraction caused by technologies affects our ability to concentrate and inevitably becomes another source of stress. - Comparison: the use of social networks leads us to compare our lives with those of family, friends and acquaintances who may seem “perfect” creating a feeling of inadequacy. - Loss of sleep: The use of technology is related to interrupted sleep patterns, making us more susceptible to daily stress. Technology is already part of us, it makes our lives much easier and we need it, but it is important to know how to live with it in an appropriate way to avoid its effect on stress.

Some tips to try to reduce or minimize the stress caused by technology:

1. Limit its use: It is not about not using it, but about setting a time during the day where we are going to be without a cell phone. Take the opportunity to do any activity that distracts you from its use. 2.Do activities daily to reduce stress. Go for a walk, exercise, read the newspaper, take a nap...any activity you like will help reduce stress. 3. Take advantage of the benefits of natural supplements that act on stress. Rhodiola and ashwaghanda are some of these natural options. These are adaptogens and help balance our body. In the specific case of ashwaghanda, there are studies that demonstrate its effect on reducing stress and anxiety, helping to improve the quality of sleep and relaxation. It is important to keep in mind that long-term chronic stress is very harmful to health, so if your situation continues over time it is important to seek professional help to learn how to manage stress. (1) VII CinfaSalud study on “Perception and habits of the Spanish population regarding stress”