Açai, more than a super antioxidant

by Shopify API on Jan 27, 2023

Surely we have already started to hear about açai and you would even relate it to its antioxidant power. But what exactly is it about? Açai, also known as tree of life, is a berry obtained from a type of palm tree called açai palm and found in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. This berry grows in the shape of a cluster, similar to that of grapes, producing a small, dark purple fruit that looks similar to blueberries, although its flavor is more reminiscent of chocolate. For centuries açai has been consumed in Brazil, where the Yanomani Indians already considered it to have a unique power. It has been in recent years that the consumption of this berry has spread outside of Brazil. This has coincided with the publication of articles and books that talk about the multiple properties of this food, one of them and perhaps the most notable is its high antioxidant power.

Açai, a powerful antioxidant

Açai contains 300 percent more antioxidants than blueberries or grapes, fruits themselves with high antioxidant properties. It is especially rich in anthocyanins and its capacity to absorb free radicals is very high. This means that it is capable of protecting cells from the attack of free radicals that can damage them. Specifically, açai neutralizes the action of radicals such as peroxide and superoxide, which gives it an effect on premature aging.

Other benefits of açai:

Açai is not only a rich source of antioxidants, but it contains other nutrients such as omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids as well as fiber and vegetable protein that give it other interesting properties: - Vegan diets: its high protein content makes it highly recommended for people who follow a vegan diet. - Constipation: its high natural fiber content benefits intestinal transit. - Regulates cholesterol : its fiber content, its antioxidant effect and its high omega content make it difficult to absorb fats, preventing them from being converted into cholesterol , making it a good option to combat and prevent cardiovascular diseases. - Strengthens defenses: its ellagic acid content (a polyphenol) helps fight bacteria and viruses. In short, açai is a new fruit to take into account in our diet. It is becoming easier to find it in specialized stores, in addition to being able to take advantage of its benefits through food supplements.